I. Time:

Program 1: October 4, 2020

Program 2: October 11, 2020

Program 3: October 18, 2020

Program 4: November 1, 2020

Program 5: November 15, 2020

Program 6: December 12, 2020

Program 7: December 13, 2020

Program 8: December 19, 2020

II. Content of the lessons:

  1. Morning:
  • Learnt about natural resources: Concepts, current situation, solutions at the 400 pine forest area of ​​Ba Vi National Park through the game Who is a Millionaire.
  • The role of forests in the National Park for city air conditioning                                                                                                      2. Afternoon: Joined the trekking activity in the forest:                                                                                                          Knowledge of forest classification and characteristics of Ba Vi National Park.

Ba Vi National Park has 3 forest types: Tropical evergreen moist monsoon closed forest; tropical evergreen moist monsoon broad-leaved mixed with conifers closed forest; and tropical evergreen moist monsoon broad leaved forest. 

Note specifically the characteristics of each forest type through actual observations.

Explained what biodiversity is and biodiversity in Ba Vi National Park

Identified some typical trees distributed in Ba Vi National Park (Bamboo pine, and its effects on human life as well as other species.

Felt nature with many senses: Hearing, seeing, touching, smelling. Along with trekking, children were asked to record what they saw and heard according to the Nature Walk panel system.

Collected fallen branches, leaves, and fallen flowers (under the safety guidance of the project staff) to use as raw materials for the creative activity: Painting from flowers.

III. Feeling after the experience session:

The children were very interested in trekking in the forest, seeing and feeling things they have never known. Many of them said that: This is the first time I was allowed to go into the forest!

After a day of experience, the children had the results of pictures made from “very natural” materials to give to parents as a gift.



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